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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by redrobin62 View Post
I don't know what "ul'ing" means or torrent ratios or even how to upload a torrent. What I do know how to do is remaster these tapes using Sound Forge 9 and the various noise reduction & eq'ing tools in it. I've removed the clicks & pops from the Robert Johnson collection, the hiss from Zeppelin, Heart, and Peter Gabriel bootlegs. I'd like to repost these remastered collections. Wouldn't doing that here in Trader's Den alongside the originals cause some sort of confusion? I imagine it would. I don't like to think of myself as being a thoughtless leecher. As a gift to anyone I'll gladly remaster any concert tape in their collection, as best as I can, for free.
Remastering is allowed here. However, we ask that you include information about exactly what you did to remaster the show in your notes. The show should be clearly labeled as a Remaster also (put it in the thread title). Some people like to have the raw source and play with it themselves, but others like that someone else took the time to remove hiss and pops so they don't need to do it themselves. As a courtesty, it is nice to ask the original taper if they mind that you did the remaster. Some tapers are perfectly fine with it as long as the show is clearly labeled, but you will find that some tapers prefer to only have the raw source circulated. I would suggest you yield to the tapers wishes on this since it does no good to piss them off.

Oh, and for jpc3....
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