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Re: Track transition problems - I feel foolish...

Originally Posted by razorboy
either this happens a lot, and people just live with it (it is free music, after all), or this is a ME problem - i suspect the latter.
I hope not

Certainly the final test is when you burn it to CD-R. 90% of the stuff I download stay in my computer and since I just got Nero I have been burning and backingup a lot. Sometimes sbe's cannot be heard when played on foobar (i.e. the Flying Circus Matrix torrented on R-O last year) but the clicks are loud and clear when burned onto cd-r. Every since Five gave the text to show SBE's on Foobar it is a lot easier to ID them. But at this stage of the game with me finally getting a full handle on shntool and Batchen and Trader's Little Helper everyone should now the first thing they do when the download is complete is check the files!
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