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Re: Track transition problems - I feel foolish...

Originally Posted by razorboy
i would have thought that someone who downloaded the two floyd torrents that i mentioned in my initial post would have mentioned if there were SBE or if the discs burned with transition clicks. no one did, and people that are known to take quality very seriously (like Martin66) downloaded the shows. i'm certain someone would have mentioned it if the errors existed on the source material.
The reality today is that there is so much stuff being downloaded that ppl often don't get around to listening to their new stuff for weeks. It's the guy with the new computer downloading his first torrent that is most likely to listen closely to his download right after downloading it .

I would post in the torrent's thread about the problem and see if anyone else has noticed it. You might also jog a more experienced person into listening to the tracks today instead of 2 weeks from now.

Btw, do you hear any problems when you listen to the tracks on your computer? That can sometimes tell you whether the tracks were ripped from a disc with pre-existing SBEs.
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