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Re: Track transition problems - I feel foolish...

i would have thought that someone who downloaded the two floyd torrents that i mentioned in my initial post would have mentioned if there were SBE or if the discs burned with transition clicks. no one did, and people that are known to take quality very seriously (like Martin66) downloaded the shows. i'm certain someone would have mentioned it if the errors existed on the source material.

either this happens a lot, and people just live with it (it is free music, after all), or this is a ME problem - i suspect the latter.

as far as speed and buffer underrun, i burned these torrents at as slow as 8x and as high as 48x, with and without buffer underrun on Roxio 6. What is considered acceptable burn speed for stuff like this? I thought 8x and under, but what do the majority of you folks who don't have track transition errors burn at?

are there settings on Nero 6 that prevent this stuff? if it's a software or setting thing, that would be a great relief. i have a hard time believing it could be a hardware problem, as my machine is only 2 weeks old. i have burned A LOT of CDs since it arrived, but come on...
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