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Re: Track transition problems - I feel foolish...

Originally Posted by feralicious
I thought flacs didn't have SBEs. Should I check my flacs as well as my shns?
SBE's are internal to the original wave files and have nothing to do with what lossless format they are compressed to. In other words, FLACs and APEs can also have SBEs. The difference is that FLAC has a built-in function to eliminate SBEs during encoding and it arrived on the scene at a point where most seeders had learned about the SBE issue. So you will find a lot fewer FLAC tracks with SBEs on them than SHN. But you should ALWAYS check them with shntool if you care.

Originally Posted by razorboy
my guy still tells me these have been burning errors, but i can't figure why. no one else came up with SBE's on that floyd buffalo '73 torrent that i had trouble with. i don't get it.
I seem to recall discussing this issue with RainDawg and others at STG. I think the conclusion was that even if there are no SBE's you can end up with pops on a disc b/c of buffer underruns, even where the disc burns fine with no reported errors. I speculated that the reason was that when buffer underrun protection is activated the laser stops burning and waits for the buffer to fill. It then begins burning where it left off, but because it is burning an audio disc, it probably recommences burning at the beginning of a sector. No music is lost, but a sector boundary error is produced because odds are the laser left off writing somewhere in the middle of the previous sector.

Anyway, to make a long story short, many have observed that these pops can be produced by burning discs at too high a speed with buffer underrun protection enabled. You should only use buffer underrun protection for data discs.

Hopefully a knowledgeable person could explain to us whether my speculation as to the actual cause of the pops is correct.

One finally possibility is that the disc from which the tracks were ripped already contained SBEs. When a disc with SBEs is ripped the SBEs remain as gaps inside the wave file even though the ripped file is cut along a sector boundary.
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