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Re: A little help w FLAC FE

Originally Posted by Sid
I have recently aquired some fantastic stuff & I'm going to upload some here very soon.
Believe it or not I have never encoded (decoded 100's of times) using flac frt end.
I have always used mkw and encoded to shn.

OS Win Mln
So heres my problem...>

decode-no problems

when trying to encode a wav file by either dropping or clicking I recieve these err.

to many parameters

bad command or file name


any suggestions
Sid, I had the same trouble with win98se, after getting so pissed that I was determined to figure it out, I discovered that the flac installer had chosen Progam files, without giving me a choice, I found it in the change log.
I copied the flac files, I think you only need flac and metafile, but I copied all the files in the flac directory, into c:\windows . It solved my probelms, before doing this, I also got the same errors you named when trying to gengerate a ffp, it cured this also.
But since I figured out how to get it to work, I seldom open flac fe, just use shntool.
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