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Re: Track transition problems - I feel foolish...

What you describe sounds like it could be SBE's. But also it could be something else the way you describe rough transitions and diginoise not justclicks. Since neither torrent post included a shntool report I would run shntool on the flac and shns, stop using MKW and Roxio please. Get Nero.
This new program looks promising
For more info on Sector Boundary Errors look here

:Tracking at Sector Boundaries
Paying attention to a simple technical issue during tracking can make a noticeable difference in seed quality. Each track of a standard audio CD is composed of "sectors" or "frames" that are each 1/75 second long (also expressed as 2352 bytes or 588 samples long). If a track is properly cut on a multiple of 1/75 second, it is "sector aligned", or cut "along sector boundaries." When it is not properly cut, the last sector is like a ragged end, which CD burning software just fills in with silence. Listeners will hear a click or pop between tracks because of the music -> sub-second silence -> music transition. This is extremely annoying and easily avoidable. Here are some sector boundary tips:

*An easy way of checking for sector boundary errors is by use of [shntool]'s len function. If you see a -b- flag next to the listing, that indicates a boundary error. For more discussion of how to detect and repair SBEs and seek tables using shntool and shorten (with command lines or batch files), see [this etree forums thread].
Scene of a Perfect Crime

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