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Track transition problems - I feel foolish...

Please be patient with my absloute stupidity on this...I humbly ask for your help on...

I have been having a problem with ticks appearing during track transitions with a couple downloads recently. I have a new Dell PC, about 2 weeks old. The problem was happening with my old crusty PC too, but I assumed it was just a combination of an old burner and bad burning software (Musicmatch Jukebox - yikes).

My first downloads with the new PC seemed to be fine - no rough transitions. That was the case for about 20-30 burns, but now I've had a couple with a few minor bad transitions over the last couple days, but one was from EZT, so I assumed that maybe it was an extraction error or something. I also didn't like the fact that the Sonic burning software that I was using that came installed on my new machine was burning everything at high speeds, and you can't adjust that without upgrading...anyway, I completed these 2 torrents yesterday/today:

I have no doubts that they were perfectly extracted and posted - no one else had any problems (that I know of), but I had rough transitions between about half the tracks on each disc of each torrent. I DL'ed one of them twice just to make sure, and burned some discs 3 times at different speeds and settings with the same results. I close every other thing running on the PC when I burn...I never have more than one torrent on the hard drive at once...I use TDK discs...

I thought it might be a Sonic problem, so I installed Roxio Easy CD/DVD 6 Basic, and tried them with that too, with the same result. In the FAQ, it stated that turning off burner underrun correction would eliminate diginoise and clicks between tracks, but it made no difference. I tried it at speeds from 8x-48x with no difference. My final attempt with Roxio was at 8x, buffer underrun off, and write to hard disc first. I'm just grasping at straws at this point. The discs all had the same bad transitions in the same places, regardless of software, speed, etc.

That made me think that maybe it was a decoding error - one of the torrents was FLAC, one .shn. I've noticed reading other posts that MKW is no longer the preferred .shn tool, but I still use it. Either way, the FLAC files were just as bad. I have only a basic working knowledge of these applications, in other words, I've only used them to decode in the most basic sense. It doesn't seem like there are things I could simply miss or change to fix the problem, but I'd be happy if that were the case.

I hope someone out there can assist I said, I hope it's just something simple that will make me feel like a moron. Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

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