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Odd Bit Coment Problem

Ok, I have an odd problem. I just started using Bit Comet. It seems to work fine, although I think it would be confusing for the noob. I am downloading the 75 Who dvd. It goes along fine, and I see me on the peer list on ezt.

But eventually, I get this error:

Error: Tracker Response Error:  don’t hammer this tracker with multiple announcements for a torrent in Tracker:
(the latter part is the announce thread)

When this appears, I no longer appear on the peer list. But I still download /upload fine. But no credit for s/r, and that matters in some places. I don’t see any kind of setting remotely related to this. Any ideas?

BTW, I started using this over the old reliable Shad0w client because I got this weird error
ERROR - rejected by tracker - unsupported tracker protocol - please upgrade your client
at JamToThis. So I figured it was time to upgrade. The Bit Tornado site has been down for months, so I went for B/C.

(a reprint of my thread at r-o)

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