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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Tubular View Post
Originally Posted by CAvis View Post

Downloaded: 1.01 TB Uploaded: 37.31 GB Ratio: 0.04
That seems impossible. It must be an error, not his true ratio.
Originally Posted by CAvis View Post
Could be, but I know he jumped off as soon as he finished d/ling a couple of my recent torrents. So even if that is a mistake, he is still an uberleecher who I think is deserving of this thread.
I think it is more amazing than impossible. I have seen people download before and upload next to nothing. They must cap their upload at 1 kb/s... max. Why they would do this, I don't know, but I really have seen some users get these sort of ratios on torrents and then I look at their profile and see it isn't just my torrent, but everyone's torrent that they do so poorly on. I just give their screen profile the evil eye and say "karma, dude, karma."
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