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Re: Audio Blogs--->TTD Shows

haha the hendrix one posted this morning at qualityboots is one that I upped here (reseed at that). half the txt file is removed, just off the cuff comments from Jon who is the source that were written in 2005 and might sound a little confusing, like it is the blogger speaking. the comments are probably still in the txt file (you would think). he also took out "do not encode to mp3" that was there, which is the worst of it to me.

generally, if the seeder put something in the txt file about their identity/handle then its nice if it stays there. if they didn't maybe they don't want this information passed along.

last year we were made aware that there are certain ppl out there who download new ttd shows and put them up elsewhere (other trackers, as spanning rars on ftp replacement sites etc) in as little as 24hrs, they do not respect the request not to convert to mp3, and respond with tremendous hostility when emailed about it.

Staff discussed this at length, conclusions were that we don't like it, and that there is no effective way to prevent this from happening.

So by comparison the 'qualityboots' blog is not as big a deal at all!

Besides, what can we do about it? About the only way we could get any control over that would be to host something similar to these blogs at ttd, where we have control over content.

Which is an interesting thought... ratio-free downloads, a little picture and a writeup for every show posted. There could also be a link to the show on the ttd tracker as well.
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