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Re: Audio Blogs--->TTD Shows

Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh View Post
you really sound stressed over this Jetrell69.
So you ripped an old Fixx LP and uploaded to the internet.. (at multiple sites)
now you wish personal recognition and intellectual property rights on it - everywhere it travels ?
good luck with that.

id give you a little gold star for the effort, but I dont have any.

Where you read anything about wanting "intellectual property rights" to something that doesn't belong to me except the vinyl is beyond me....I believe that it's great they're sharing in the original format but a nod to folks who took the time to actually do the work of vinyl ripping would be nice....I offered it at two sites, here and DaD. I will live either way....but yes, I do believe that it should at least be artwork for it reflects thanks to the band and all associated, do you find that out of line for a gold star too? When you download a show do you thank just the uploader or do you actually nod at the seeders helping you to get it? They could use a gold star too....participation and mutual respect...they do alot more for sharing than you seem willing to give credit for.

Flame away if you's your right and I don't expect you to subscribe to my personal opinion...I just expect a little bit of courtesy as does everyone else who posts...please remember that much at least.
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