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Re: Audio Blogs--->TTD Shows

Originally Posted by Jetrell69 View Post
Hey all,

This site has done me kindly by making great music available that I may not have heard or being able to find & afford. I have upp'd a few things here myself and so have alot of others. I LOVE sharing and I am happy when people share your stuff in the format that they received it in as well.

Over the last few months I was turned on to audio blogs where folks share what they have without ratio or sign up requirements. I found one site in particular that shares lossless shows, some from here, and doesn't give credit to the original uploader while people thank the owner of the blog for the rips like they did them and not those of you who ripped live vinyl, transferred WW1 or KBFH CD's, taped shows, and what not.

Sharing is one thing but giving credit to people who actually did the work IS part of that.

Here's the link, you decide. I realize that the bands own the music as they created the tunes but their fans help propagate the support by recognizing the bands they love....the fans deserve some credit too.

I dunno, I looked at one item that interested me and I found the credit for the taper...... as if that means anything any more......

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I don't think I troll anyone, other than freezer.

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