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Re: Microsoft Word Help

Originally Posted by thisistoto
Ok, everytime I start Word I get these two error messages:

1. This file contains macros with an expired or revoked signature. Since you are running under HIgh Security Level, these macros will be disabled

2. The macros in this project are disabled.

And then when I close Word I get that second error message again. Its really really annoying . Any help?

OK, since no one really answered the question, I will. Macros are pieces of Visual Basic script that are attached to an MS word file. Did you write this doscument, or did someone else? Was it someone you trust? Macros have an incredible amount of power, and if someone were to attach a malicious one to a document, the very act of opening the file could cause your computer to become infected. So therefore they set security at high, meaning it disables macros from running. What it doesn't disable is a warning every single time you open that file that a macro is present and not running.

If you want that macro to runm set your security lower. What you're experiencing isn't so much an error as it is a warning.

With that said, go with Open Office. Yes, it is worth it...I've been using it for quite some time, and the latest version has some huge improvements. It's time to evolve past the Microsoft-ruled, insecure office suite software.
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