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Account Deletion Policy

Ok, not as much a suggestion, but an observation that wouldn't fit in the Techno section.....
The FAQ state "We delete accounts that have been Inactive (you haven't logged in) for more than twelve months with less than 100 posts AND also accounts that have been Inactive for more than six months with no posts..."

Personally I'm grateful for the year tab given as my job might at some point keep me off line for a year at least, but when I looked through the Members list, I see accounts here where people haven't logged in since 2005 (I'm not counting that special breed that shows "N/A" since they usually have angelic music-to a U2 beat playing in the background when they're mentioned ).

So I guess that once you hit 100 posts your account never gets deleted? Should make the post whores happy, but I see a number of accounts with less than 100 posts who haveen't visited in more than a year still showing.

Thanks for any information and thanks to the mods for all their hard work.
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