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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by vanalan09 View Post
It makes no differece to my internet provider All up or down bytes count toward my total up and down for the month Wich is 100 G. This costs me X- Dollars a month.So if I want to keep my ratio even, Half of my X - dollars per month pays for my upload ratio .So why do you want to punish the seeders and reward the thoughtless leechers ?Last time i checked you can get internet via sat dish anywhere in Usa and Canada .Its called dishnet so lets stop blaming ISP providers for your poor ratios and switch to a system that allows you to seed .This ain't a welfare line baby .
I for one, am locked into Comcast as it is part of a shared network of which I have no control over. So, getting another Internet server is completely out of the question for me unless the entire network wants to switch providers.

So you see, your hostility won't change what cannot be fixed as simply as you stated.
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