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Re: Recognizing Peers/Seeds; No UL/DL, though? Perhaps PC help needed?

Originally Posted by ProducerDrew
Rider, I think you're absolutely right. I'm going to try going to another Vista III Media cable user's house on the other end of town today, then try someone's house that has BellSouth DSL, and see if I can BT on any of them. If I can't BT at the other cable modem at all, I'm guessing it's the whole city's system that's got the problem, not just my house. Which sucks, but means that it may get fixed (but probably not, since I seem to be the only one in town complaining). If BT works fine at the other person's cable internet connection but not at mine, I'm calling up the national office and requesting that whatever the hell they have blocked on my connection be removed or risk losing my business to BellSouth effective immediately. You said that you've called and confronted a co. like this, but I couldn't figure out whether that actually did you any good or not -- my big thing is, every week I go without a BT connection, I'm missing out on three or four new GREAT releases getting dropped on this board, and I'll end up spending the same in $$ on blanks and trades that I would on a connection if this doesn't get taken care of soon.. I'm usually a patient guy, but if this problem getting fixed will take a full month's billing cycle, or possibly more, I'm not going to bullshit around like that. Is that the only way your problem was fixed (by waiting)? I don't really trust them to have it fixed if all I do is wait.. although daily telephone calls and tech support visits don't seem to help, either.

Nope it never really helped me at all. One thing I found though with Road Runner. When you call Road Roader they have a menu system. At one point they ask "Is the connection light on your modem blinking or off" if you say its blinking they send you the local office, if you say the light is on steady, you connect to the national tech center. Not sure if your comapnay is like that but I found no mater what always talk to the national guys.

I"m sure my problem is still, I jsut dont notice cause I dont download much anymore, last month twoards the entil of the billing period it started acting but that was just for a few days.
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