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Re: Recognizing Peers/Seeds; No UL/DL, though? Perhaps PC help needed?

I have a strange feeling your ISP is blocking ports and not telling. I've found my ISP to be clueless. I have road runner and found the people at the local oficce will have no clue about port blocking traffic and stuff like that. They will just keep sending the same retarded tech out to my house. I know a girl who was hired to be a cable installer for Road Runner, the night before she started work I had to teach how to install a NIC card.

I know for a fact there have been serveral times my ISP has cut back my connection and my speeds. I call them and they always say they don't do that. Then they send a guy to do all sorts of work that has'nt worked the last 40 times they have been out here.

It's funny how these problems I have only happen durring months when I'm using BT heavily. Then once a new billing period starts everything works fine again.

My point, your ISP is blocking something, the people you talk are either to dumb to know or are jsut plain lying to you. The fact that they keep sending someone out to your house is a sign that they are dumb.
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