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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post

perfect cd in perfect cd player will always lose to perfect vinyl on perfect turntable when played back through the same amp & speakers.
Can you explain why the cd would lose to the vinyl?

Originally Posted by sleepless View Post
Although I prefer Vinyl over digital, I have my own very unscientific reasons for justifying:

1. Speakers are analog
2. Vinyl is analog...seems a natural match
That doesn't really make any sense. And the signal coming out of D/A-converter is also 100% analog.

3. Vinyl has a "warmth" that is missing in digital. I can't really can't define warmth, but it is a obvious difference that I hear.
4. It is the same difference between using tube amps vs. solid state, you lose something when you take those little lit-up, heat producing tubes out of the equation.
In both cases it's not really a case of losing or missing something. The warmth (harmonic distortion) is actually added by vinyl and tube amps.
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