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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.

For me, the issue is not one of ideals: Given the best equipment in the world for each format, which sounds better? But rather one of pragmatism: Given my budget, which will give the better sound?

Of course, if you have one of these:

or one of these:

And you can spend $500 per footfor cable, etc etc etc...the turntable more precisely recreates the musical soundstage of the recording. That goes without saying.

But i don't have that kind of cash, nor do i think i ever will. So, what's my best bet. With my $400 marantz receiver and my $200 Advent Prodigy Towers all strung together with "normal" cables which is going to sound better: A simlarly priced turntable or a simlarly priced cd player?

Although i love my vinyl, i'm betting that short money can probably buy a better (more technically advanced--jitter correction, etc) cd player than lp player.

BTW, for more eye-drooling pics of turntables (if you swing that way), check out these links:

Anyway...just sayin'

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