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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.

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In other cases it will sound the same...
umm yeah, copy a pure analog source from cassette/vinyl/reel to your computer at any setting, do an a/b and it will sound "the same"? gimmie a break. all you have to do is try it for yourself. digital does have its advantage, mainly CHEAPNESS & convenience.

did you ever copy a pure analog source to digital and a/b it afterward and have it sound identical?? If so, I want to get whatever equipment you're using but it had better be exact.
I think he was saying that if you transferred a tape at 16/44.1, then transferred it again at 24/44.1, then both digital transfers may sound the same in some cases. I don't think he was saying that the analog or live source would sound the same as the digital transfer.
ahh you're right sorry about that.

I think he's saying 24/44.1 > dither down/dither down with noise shaping > 16/44.1 sounds about the same as stright to 16/44.1. Direct capture you can avoid the dither but then some of the 24bit tapers here swear that it sounds better to their ears than straight to 16/44.1. Now how about 24/96 dithered down to 16/44.1 vs straight to 16/44.1? Yes the sampling rate has a tremendous effect on improving the sound quality but if your destination is back to 44.1 then there's an extra resampling phase there. Conventional wisdom says to follow the shortest path for the cleanest most true signal. I can't say too much about it since I haven't tried all the possibilities yet.

but overall the diff between choosing 24/44.1 vs 16/44.1 is there but not really earth-shattering imo (I guess I kind of agree then). But it is natural for a craftsman to take every available advantage so there's no harm in it.
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