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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.

Originally Posted by MrMoonlight View Post
Originally Posted by Five View Post
digital does have its advantage, mainly CHEAPNESS & convenience.
Both of those, as well as speed are pretty much the only advantages... which make it possible to argue that a lot of the music being recorded and produced in this day and age is mostly garbage and sounds terrible when heard...

Well, I guess I'm sort of biased... i think most of the music sucks without even being recorded anyway...

But vinyl vs. cd is no contest... Any analog source (as probably previously mentioned) will blow the sound of any cd out of the water... It's warm and inviting... The sound is full and it's almost right there... I seriously hope vinyl will continue to be produced until the day the world goes deaf... Or dies... Whichever comes first.
you can thank the DJs and punk rock kids for the fact records are still being pressed
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