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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.

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I've read that article before and it is outdated and full of misunderstandings and unsubstantiated opinions. But I do agree with the major conclusion about using 24 bits when recording.

The more discrete values available in the digitization stage, the better, until the limits of human hearing to perceive inaccuracies are reached.
If by "inaccuracies" you mean background noise, then I agree: Higher resolution -> lower noise-floor.

How much dynamic range do you think is needed?
A study published by AES[1] claims 75dB is required for loudspeaker systems and 80dB for headphones.

The DA converter has to reconstruct the waveform from the discrete values. The more available values there are digitally, the more accurate the conversion can be to analog.
The conversion is always accurate as long as the original signal is within the bandwidth and signal/noise ratio of the system.

[1] Signal-to-Noise Ratio Requirement for Digital Transmission Systems
Spikofski, Gerhard
AES Preprint: 2196
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