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Re: DVD torrent pulled?

Originally Posted by vladsmythe View Post
Originally Posted by dementrium View Post
But it's too strange (and childish?). And I can't see from the comments what was wrong.

Ok, fair enough. Thanks for answering.
I pulled the Yoko Ono torrents because of the negative comments that it generated. The comments seemed to be going into a rather dark area regarding the murder of John Lennon, and how Mark David Chapman should have murdered Yoko, and done us all a favor. I don't feel that we benefit from that discussion so I removed the torrent. Many of my posts here are removed by moderators, and none of them endorse violence, murder of personal degradation. So I feel comfortable with removing the torrent. I just reviewed the original post and see that staff has removed the offensive post from the comments, so it is no wonder that you would question why it was pulled.
so essentially by having the torrent removed - you killed katie couric & yoko.
dont be a hater vlad.
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