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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.

Originally Posted by Tubular View Post
There are other ways to describe the sound of analog other than warmth. Presence or realism come to mind. Theoretically, this can be matched eventually with digital if enough bits per sample(esp.)/samples per second are used.
I'm not sure I follow you.
Bits per sample is what determines dynamic range.
CDDA uses 16 bits/sample, and that gives a dynamic range of 96dB.
Vinyl records have a varying dynamic range depending on several factors, but it's usually between 60-80dB (equivalent to about 10-12 bits/sample).

Samples per second (or sample rate) determines the maximum frequency of the recreated signal (half the sample rate, according to the Nyquist theorem).
CDDA uses a sampling rate of 44100Hz, and that gives a maximum frequency of 22050Hz.
Vinyl doesn't have a real frequency limit, but is usually cut off around 20000Hz (by a brick-wall filter). Both to prevent high-frequency noise from being audible and because of the engraving process.

So how are 16bits and 44.1kHz not enough?
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