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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
yes, i prefer vinyl to cd any day of the week...hell, i typically prefer my own LP>CD transfers as opposed to factory pressed CDs of the same album as well

its not wishful thinking, analogue recordings with no digital stage have a MUCH warmer,fuller sound than digital...
The major reason vinyl recordings often sound better than cd versions of the same recording is because they haven't been ruined in the mastering process (the awful "loudness race").
The "warm" sound on the other hand is usually the result of harmonic distortion and/or compression.

It's also worth noting that the vast majority of vinyl recordings made in the past 30 years have gone through a digital stage.

if you look at a sine wave recorded analogue [smooth wave shape], as opposed to the same sine recorded digitally [stairsteps], you'll understand why -- it all comes down to the 1's and 0's of digital
That is a common misunderstanding. As long as the sampling frequency is greater than twice the maximum frequency of the signal being sampled, the output from the D/A-converter when you play the recording will be just as "smooth" as any analogue recording.
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