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Re: Should we ban mindless leechers?

Originally Posted by ShutTheFuckUpDonny View Post
I think it's an all together bad idea. Not that my oppinion really matters. I'm working on my ratio now and can only upload at 40kbs a second so it takes time for people like me.

Only at 40 KB/s!? Are you kidding.

Most of 2006 I had 8 KB/s. Later, "they" "upgraded" us (with a big fanfare & bells) to 16 KB/s (B.S.). Naturally, we only pay $ 66 / month.

Of course, any time of the day I can do the next step and get the top-of-the-line ultra mega enterprise fixed-ip non-disconnecting-every-12-hours service.
Glance it in the picture.

(Gotta love socialism & monopolies, in any order)
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