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Re: Should we ban mindless leechers?

I think it's an all together bad idea. Not that my oppinion really matters. I'm working on my ratio now and can only upload at 40kbs a second so it takes time for people like me.

I DID however vote for an under .50 ratio ban, only if they can still upload.
And I only voted that incase someone decides they are going through with this, horrible horrible idea.

Every other bootlegg site pretty much does this, why do we have to?
Someone with a bad ratio doesn't quite mean they are bad traders.
There in lies the problem

vladsmythe - we have never traded or anything but you upload some of the most kickass torrents.
I'm glad you came here from tapecity.........
It's people like you, who are offline traders as well as online that are the whole argument against ratio bans,
I would really hate to see you go man.

Just my $0.42,

That's real nice of you to say. I should mention that members at another site have gifted me 10 GB of ratio credit as a way to thank me for my efforts on my latest seed there.
I really appreciate that because it keeps me out of the fray of criticism that I encounter here, although I have never seen any personal attacks of any kind there. There is a wisdom in keeping the seeders happy - that their efforts are appreciated as well as essential. It's no skin off of the back of someone who has a 4.0 ratio to give some ratio credit to a .28 if the .28 is seeding something of value to that member. I know that with my .28 (which I have raised from .26 a month ago) I am a 2nd class citizen here and open to ridicule by many. I know that some elite people here have an "infinite" ratio, and get no criticism. I do know that "thank you" from members makes me want to hang out here and share my collection, and negative personal attacks from members and on occasion staff, makes me ill. Ultimately, the abilty to share ratio credit strengthens the community, without opening the ethics question with regard to "selling ratio". It encourages sharing and eliminates the caustic and corrosive negativity that rears it's ugly head much too often here.
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