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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by bannanna View Post
I appreciate the music/vids I have obtained at TTD and make every effort to keep my ratio up. Having read some (serious) suggestions here of which each has its merits hopefully to assist the moderators in addressing this issue. BUT . Just to throw a spanner in the works it poses the question of " how do we ban thoughtless seeders" (ie),""seeders"" who appear to be seeding but are not uploading or turning their torrent off or just clogging up the system by letting you get so far then closing off amongst other annoying habits (probably get their kicks by annoying/pissing people off) ive also noticed it is people with lower ratios and ethics IQs even. You seem to get to know the regulars/acceptable ratio members etc here and if I can seed/help in any way I will...however I feel that not only myself but others feel the same way in declining from assisting PPLZ ....might just make up my own blacklist of members ??? At the end of the day, its just about how each member goes about dealing with these issues....PS. the idea of access to certain levels for certain ratio (below 1:1) members seems to be the go..of course in consultation with the mods acces can be granted based solely on their merits to those below 1:1 and monitored ???. KEEP ON SHARING
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