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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by mooncusser View Post
"Hit & running" is your method of uberleeching. "Uberleecher" is a general term for anyone to downloads more than they upload. Own it, you seem to revel in it - unless someone criticizes you.
I don't revel in it at all, I have tried and succeeded in raising my ratio. I have also contributed some content that may never have seen the light of day here since Jan. 1st. As I've said before, any dummie can sit on a torrent and inflate their ratio. I like to think that I provide something important - or as important as a big ratio to the folks here. Don't discourage me now, I'm well on the way to .30! I do encourage you to download any of this years offerings from the Graceful Duck Archive...

Traffic 1994-xx-xx VH1 To One (NTSC) - 02-08-08 ACTIVE
Woodstock 1994-08-10 Behind the Myth & Magic (NTSC) - 02-06-08 ACTIVE
Dizzy Gillespie 1989-12-25 San Jose, CA (PBS) (NTSC) - 02-02-08 ACTIVE
James Brown 1996-xx-xx Jerry Springer Show (NTSC) - 01-27-08 ACTIVE
BB King 1991-11-13 Later with Bob Costas (NTSC) - 01-25-08 ACTIVE
Pete Townshend 1996-05-03 Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NTSC) - 01-22-08 ACTIVE
Charlie Watts 1993-10-26 Later with Bob Costas (NTSC) - 01-19-08 ACTIVE
Eric Clapton 1994-xx-xx Through the Ages VH1 (NTSC) - 01-18-08 ACTIVE
Grace Slick 1998-09-18 Late, Late Show CBS (NTSC) - 01-10-08 ACTIVE
Pink Floyd 1989-xx-xx Shine On MTV (NTSC) - 01-10-08 ACTIVE
Mickey Hart 1992-02-xx S.F. Bay Area PBS (NTSC) - 01-09-08 ACTIVE
Bob Marley 1987-10-27 West 57th CBS (NTSC) - 01-04-08 ACTIVE
Various xxxx-xx-xx Top of the Pops (NTSC) - 01-02-08 ACTIVE
The Rolling Stones 1994-xx-xx Conversations VH1 (NTSC) - 01-02-08 ACTIVE
The Beatles 1994-02-xx 30 Year Anniversary (Pt 2) (NTSC) - 01-01-08 ACTIVE
"Anyone that likes Bob Wills' music is bound to have some good in them."
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