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Re: Recognizing Peers/Seeds; No UL/DL, though? Perhaps PC help needed?

Exactly I'm running the laptop straight into the modem, so there's no ports on a router to forward; torrents from here, eztree, etc. work perfectly fine when I'm connected to the school network but does the same deal (connect, count out the peers and seeds, then sit there at 0k/s on both UL/DL) as before whenever I get home. NOONE can figure this madness out. I'm calling the cable co. again today because I think the only thing left to check is the wiring in my actual walls; the cable guy yesterday said that they couldn't be the problem, since they were installed less than 3 years ago -- but hell with that, 3 years is a lifetime in broadband technology, and I've probably got squirrels in my walls or something. It's just so damn weird that it's JUST BITTORRENT THAT DOESN'T WORK!
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