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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Jetrell69 View Post
Definitely a poorly thought out post for someone who KNOWs what the"MAN" looks like........yeesh. Maybe try putting down the pipe BEFORE you make a post that smells of idiocy.

Actually in late '89 or '90 at Dead shows the "MAN", as you put it, started using groups of frat guys to buy drugs or find people to smoke pot with. These kids that seemed to just be there parting would inform a near by group of narcs who would then make an arrest. I know this because I saw it happen. No pipes involved. So maybe you shouldn't post about things that you don't know about so YOUR IDIOCY isn't apparent to the world.

BTW: Haters suck. That's the only reason I responded to assTarget"s post.
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