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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.

All of the source components listed in that test are universal SACD/DVD-A/CD players or SACD only players, which means they might have 1 bit sigma delta type converters for PCM CD and DVD-A playback. I'd probably have to call the companies for info on which type of DA converters they use for PCM playback, that info isn't easy to come by for all brands. The only player that is high end is the Sony, and it is an SACD/CD player, and its DA converters are 1 bit sigma delta type. 1 bit converters are used primarily for cost savings, not for high performance.

IMO great vinyl is leaps and bounds above any CDs I've heard, although some CDs are better than others. DVD-A sounds better than CD on a DVD-A/V/CD player IMO. It doesn't have SACD playback, so it may have true multibit converters.

Studios for years have recorded at 24 bit or 20 bit and dithered to 16 bit often using the Apogee UV22 process. They have found that this sounds much better than simply recording at 16 bit with no dither. But one experiment using standard consumer crap throws out all of this research and experience?

Originally Posted by Apogee AD-1000 manual
“Listening tests have shown the Apogee UV22’s 16-bit output is the closest to what we hear on our 20-bit
source. It’s really like getting something for nothing.
“We chose the Ravel recording to test dithering schemes because of its wide dynamic range, distinct imaging
and deep sound stage. The piece opens with very low level tympani, high woodwinds and light strings and
slowly builds to a 250-voice and orchestra crescendo. Any change from the 20-bit source, especially in those
opening bars, is immediately apparent.
“All other systems changed the sound stage and the tonal balance. The Apogee UV22 holds the detail,
holds the soundstage and holds the tonal balance across the spectrum. The UV22 was very open and very
Michael further used the UV22 on a recent Brazilian project, Paraiso, featuring Gerry Mulligan and Jane
Dubo (October 1993 release, Telarc catalog number CD-83361).
“The UV22 makes all the difference in the world in fades to digital black.
“The reverb detail and stereo spread are amazing; it makes an overall improvement in the final product”
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