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Re: Vinyl records vs. Cds.

Found this:

Proven: Good Old Redbook CD Sounds the Same as the Hi-Rez Formats

Incontrovertible double-blind listening tests prove that the original 16-bit/44.1-kHz CD standard yields exactly the same two-channel sound quality as the SACD and DVD-A technologies.
Which type of DA converters did the high end SACD/DVD-A player use? 1 bit sigma delta type that also accepts 24 bit input or true 24 bit ladder type R2R for PCM with a separate 1 bit sigma delta converter for SACD? The player also had an SACD player built in, so it might have had a 1 bit sigma delta type for both SACD and DVD-A. I have read articles that say that 1 bit converters are terrible, and that SACD is inferior to even a good CD player with a true multibit converter (Stereophile confirmed this years ago)

Also what type of AD and DA converter did the 16/44.1 stage have?

It doesn't say they compared vinyl at all, just CD vs. SACD vs. DVD-A.

Someone posted here a few months ago about how he and some friends recorded an album @ 24 bit. They were really enjoying the nice warm sounds. Once he dithered to 16 bit to make a CD res version, all that warmth and definition was largely gone. He said he couldn't believe the difference.
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