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It's interesting to see how differently people view the Bit Torrent process. Apparently, my personal experiences have been much different than what others have seen.

Yes, two downloads will slow things up. Basically make it go half as fast for each one.
Lynn... in a perfect world, yes... in the BT world ??? I've seen these factors be influenced by: The number of peers connected to the swarm, the bandwidth they EACH have access to, the percentage of the torrent that they have completed, their individual upload caps (per torrent), not to mention how someone has configured their individual client and the mysterious "the faster your upload, the faster your download" BT myth.

I've had 9 EZT torrents running in Azureus pulling down anywhere between 4 and 60kBs each, and then I'll latch on to an etree torrent from someone with a fat pipe, and instantly add another 150kBs to my download stream.

Download speed is directly related to the amount of people uploading to you. If there is only one person and they are capped at 45 and sharing to five peeople you should get around 8, the more people the better.
Again, in a perfect world.... but not always true. For instance, if the seeder is "super seeding" they're uploading different packets to different peers, and the peers are then passing yet again different packets around. Also depends on the bandwidth available to the peers, how much data THEY have individually downloaded (more or less than you) and that will affect their network ACK's. I've been in torrents where there were 20 seeds, yet I couldn't pull better than a highly fluctuating 30kBs. A lot of this stuff seems to be a real mystery.

You're upload rate also effects this rate slightly.. if you cap your upload to 10 you will reduce your download speeds.
Again, very circumstantial. Some clients seem to perform better with less restrictive upload caps, others don't seem to mind.

If you're on a T1 you should be uploading around 350kb/s assuming someone is less complete than you. Torrents with few people often suffer for this reason if noone has less than you your upload will be low and thus your download.
Depends on the actual type of the T1, fractional or not, and how many 64kbs segements you have access to. See:

Not wanting to nitpick the math, (because I suck at math ), but let's remember to make clear the diff between "bits [b]" and "Bytes [b]". A T-1 is a million an a half BITS.... divide by 8 (approx) to get the BYTES. (Then factor in your bandwidth usage by other torrents or applications to determine how much is available for upstream, and also how your network is designed)

and two uploads shouldn't even make a T1 flinch. you should be fine assuming you have the RAM for mutiple torrents.
Again, it depends on the client. Some clients are extremely memory hungry because they invoke an instance of the client for each torrent. You won't see this in the taskbar, but if you look at running processes in XP's task manager, you will. That's why Azureus works so well, because it's JAVA code has a much lower memory footprint. I recently tested a bunch of clients, looking for alternatives, and Azureus (running on Java 1.5) worked out as the most stable and efficient.

My head hurts now, but at least you gave me something to think about on an otherwise DEAD day at work
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