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Re: EAC cue sheet / track listing / silence question

No, it's from a vine of audio discs. Gillian Welch - Working on a Building.

Spe pointed me to some helpful info here:

It seems that having more than one index that are numbered higher than one is like having bookmarks within a track that you can jump to with the right player, but since this one is numbered 0 it is actually the gap.

So I did what someone suggested in there and split it according to indices and it split those out and they were in fact silences. So I then deleted those and just burned the disc without them. I don't get it since they were different sizes. And in the cue sheet one of them seemed to be 22 seconds long, but when I "played" it on WinAmp it said 0 secs and didn't play.

Yet another reason I try to avoid audio format "trading".
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