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Re: Defragging drives with shn/flac files?

lol. Okay, here's the deal.

I too have just programs on my C drive and I've partitioned that into 2 drives. Here's what I got:

Drive 1 = 80gb 2 partitions
Drive 2 = 80gb 2 partitions
Drive 3 = 120gb 1 partition
Drive 4 = 250gb 4 partitions (external)
Drive 5 = 80gb 1 partition (external)

AND I STILL RUN OUT OF DISK SPACE!!! In fact there's about another 100gb of music I d/l onto my Mac which is only supposed to be used for my work project.

I need to archive faster! Anyone need a part time job? No pay but you get to play with my dogs. I'm too anal about it so it takes me too long. BUT on a positive note, I'm not as anal as RainDawg.

I'll have to look into the settings for the Nero and other program temp files.
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