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Re: Defragging drives with shn/flac files?


Defragging can't harm your files. The process has a couple of failsafe checks built in, so even if your computer powers down in the middle of it, you won't lose any data.

I've had good results with the defrag util built into XP SP2, I think it's actually based on the Diskeeper engine.

The best way to deal with churning a lot of files is to install 2 hard drives, and keep one for the OS and Applications, and the other strictly for SHN/FLAC/DVD files. Also, make sure that any programs like NERO are writing their TEMP cache files to the Utility Drive, not the OS drive. Keeps fragmentation lower. This means that your computer will run faster and more efficiently, and the bus traffic on your IDE chain is more manageable, so you'll get better performance out of your IDE DVD Burner that you have on your secondary controller. You should NEVER have a burner and hard disk attached to the same controller channel....
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