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Re: Site Donations

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who has donated over the past 24 hours. I am gad to say that we are covered for this month. We have over $100 for the next month too.

I have added an extra option to the VIP Membership donation option. It is $25 for 3 months. This means that you can donate that little it more if you want.

I have had a few queries as to the nature of the need for donations. The site hosting costs $299 a month. that is for 2TB of data transfer a month. We use about 1TB a month. Also the software for the forum costs $119 a year. The reason Ii ask for donations is to cover these costs only.

If just 30 people donated $10 a month we are about covered.

Also somebody asked me about not using PayPal. If you want to send me a cheque or cash, send me a PM on the site. We can talk about it.

Lets keep the community alive.

I promise i won't flood your mail boxes with these emails all the time. About once a month when the bill has been paid. I will probably add a few news items about the site/beatlegs in general too.

thanks for reading and donating.

Chris (razorkiller20004)
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