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Re: torrent + school firewall

University IT admins aren't oblivious to the traffic patterns on their networks. They're well aware of file sharing and the programs and methods used. There's an entire cottage industry of software designed specifically to detect and block this kind of network traffic. If your Admin tells you that they don't want their network to incur the overhead, then that's EXACTLY what they mean, and they'll use all the tools available to not only prevent you from circumventing their controls, but when they see the increased traffic (should you be successful in engineering a workaround (congrats if you do BTW ), they'll surely boot your ass off the network when they discover you.

My advice..... DSL or Cable... split the cost with your roomies.... OR petition the .EDU to allow you to PAY for bandwidth. Maybe you could work out a better deal, but getting it for free in today's day and age is becoming less likely.
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