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Re: trouble uploading list...

There was a thread somewhere on "how do you archive your music collection" where a number of people weighed in about the programs they used. Most have the ability to export.

I use WhereIsIt, but I've been locked into that proggie for a long time. Again, using a database is a skill that's acquired. We all make mistakes by creating data entry formats that aren't specific enough, or combine too much data in one field. For instance, I set up WhereIsIt so each entry has a disk# and name, but all the rest of the info is in that "name" field is tied to the entry. That means that my typical Grateful Dead entry looks something like:
"gd70-01-02.18120 - New York, NY (Fillmore East)"

Other users take totally different approaches to sorting their data.

WhereIsIt give you options to build exports based on various search parameters. Topic gets pretty complicated after this, and I've been too lazy to actually create a real database list, but I can search through everything I have on optical and pretty much find it all.
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