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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Lynne, I was hoping to send you a PM but it seems I can't so here goes...

I wanted to comment on the show you referred to (M. Brecker 9-29-88) in your last response to me. When you stated I have uploaded 0 and if my client says so, it is at fault.
My client shows I have uploaded 978.30 MB at a 2.015 ratio. Are you saying this is completely wrong? Are you saying I've uploaded nothing?
For instance, I am seeding Breker Bros. 7-3-93 right now. I am watching it seed at 38 KB right now. I am connected to 2 of 6 leechers. But the site shows me at --. Are you saying that I'm not seeding this at all?
Thanks again for your help.
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