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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

I have noticed, too, that the share ratios do not seem to reflect the real uploads, e.g. my share ratio should be a bit higher than it is.

I'm not complaining just stating it.

I know I had a relatively even share ratio (something like 0.99 or 0.97) before I started downloading 2 DVDs = about 8 GB. Now I'm still sharing these two R.E.M. DVDs and according to azureus I have uploaded 3.22 GB of the first one and 3.89 GB of the second one so far.

However, according to the data given on top of the site I have currently downloaded 21.47 GB and uploaded 19.11 GB = 2.36 GB are missing until an even ratio of 1.00.

Once again, I'm not complaining I have just noticed this and would like to mention it here. I'm very grateful to get the stuff and I don't mind uploading a GB more I just find it very strange.

For someone who has more problems uploading it could be a problem to get a good ratio, though.
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