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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
Originally Posted by jalew View Post
When you are a seeder on a show with 0 leechers, guess what? Your ratio will remain at --- no matter how long you are on it (which is the case with the torrent where your ratio says ---). We only keep track of ratios since the last time you started your torrent, which is different than many other sites. And that isn't going to change here.
Well, actually, Lynne you are not referring to the same show (Brecker Bros. 7-16-95) that I was talking about, which now shows a full 26 MB of 1.1 GB uploaded.
With all due respect, you are quick to shoot down all complaints of TTD but not so quick to resolve TTD's issues with ratios. I'm not the only one that has brought this to TTD's staffs attention and I'm not the one who continues to feel their ratio is incorrect.
I appreciate this site as well as your efforts to keep it running smoothly. I don't appreciate the tone of your response. My original comment was in response this thread and the conversation relating to banning "leechers". It wasn't a dig at you. You've tried to help me as well as countless others in the past. Thank you again, Lynne. I hope you have a nice day.
I am referring to this Michael Brecker show: There have been NO leechers on there since you posted last, at which time you had 0 upload and 0 download and you still have 0 upload and 0 download on the show. That is what it should say. If your client says differently, then your client is at fault. If there are no NON-DHT leechers, then you cannot possibly have any upload on TTD. We don't do anything here about DHT except keep telling users to turn it off on their clients or their stats will not get counted on this tracker if they are exchanging information with someone through DHT. I have had many users tell me that turning DHT off in their client totally fixed the issue with their stats.
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