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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by jalew View Post
How can you even have this conversation when this site's ratios ARE NOT EVEN ACCURATE? I love this site, but it's insanely frustrating to deal with. I have a show now that I've seeded to a 3.20 ratio and this site has me at --. WTF? This isn't the first time. It's all the time with TTD. Every other tracker I use either works well or has a specific system to deal with ratio issues. Not the TTD. I can get weeks worth of suggestions and ideas as to what it is but never any resolution from TTD. Ban leechers? Why don't you focus on correct ratios instead of banning people?
When you are a seeder on a show with 0 leechers, guess what? Your ratio will remain at --- no matter how long you are on it (which is the case with the torrent where your ratio says ---). We only keep track of ratios since the last time you started your torrent, which is different than many other sites. And that isn't going to change here.
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