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Re: Hack of the Year--PAL to NTSC in one minute!

Originally Posted by tgunn2760 View Post
Yes, I ran the "converted" files through GSpot. The framerate was still 25 FPS and the resolution was still 720X756.
After the "conversion" I reverted it back to PAL and am still seeding the torrent at Yeeshkul.
Very handy application to have around if your dual player breaks down, like mine recently did.
That was because actually you did not converted anything in the .vob files. Just a bit of info in the .ifo file(s).

My non-pro opinion on the subject. I don't need to convert videos but tried this "trick" out of curiosity (and because my father's old TV cannot display european PAL. We have PAL-N, here, which is incompatible with PAL443).

My results were crap: at the end of every second the video does a kind of "jump" to catch the frame at the next second. My guess? You are fooling the player to run 29 frames per sec, whereas the original video has 25 frames/sec.

Of course, I can be completely wrong.

BTW, all this debate is well documented here:
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