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Old 2005-02-20, 12:24 PM
Trouble getting EAC from CD to FLAC

Using foobar2000, I'm trying to rip a CD in my CD-drive to my external hard drive in FLAC format, compression level 8, but I'm getting errors in the conversion. I've tried reinstalling foobar2000, ripping to my hard drive instead of the external drive, and ripping one track at a time, yet none of these solved my problem. I still end up with audible differences; bitverifying sometimes turns up as many as 500,000 different samples.
I checked the FAQ, and all I got was to reinstall foobar2000, which didn't fix the issue.

Should I be ripping another way and then converting to FLAC post-rip?

Thanks for reading, any help is greatly appreciated.
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