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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by vladsmythe View Post
I'm happy, not old, a dad, a husband, a world traveler, Deadhead, and I like Senator Obama. Shut up. The comment about breaking my arm was uncalled for. This should be kept in the lounge. You are distracting me from uploading content. Please do what's best for people who come to share music and stop dwelling on bullshit like ratios. You are just getting in the way of important things. Thanks, and have a nice day.
Whoopty do. I'm happy, not old, a dad, a world traveler, a music lover and hate all candidates. What the fuck does this have to do with your constant begging for approval and adoration?

Distracting you from uploading content? clap: Worst excuse ever for a bad ratio. Thank you for playing.

I'd keep this in the lounge, but you are banned from there because you have the tendency to act a little bit irrational. You know, like posting something stupid and redundant through out numerous forums and threads without merit and looking like an idiot. Just be glad you haven't been banned form this whole site.

You still want to carry this out in public or do you want to try using the PM option I gave you earlier?

The option is yours old man. Good nite.
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I hear the Rape is lovely this time of year.
hey man if nobody else has helped you out, i can continue to ignore you too
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