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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by Voodoochild137 View Post
So we should make this like another site where you can pay to get out of ratio violations? Interesting. While I agree new/rare content is great, lets not reinvent the wheel in order to help your ratio.
I'm cool with my ratio. I'm cool with uploading great videos noone else has. And I'm cool with donating to every site I belong to. It's not buying ratio.
Hell, I spend a ton on postage just mailing gift cds and dvds (not trade). Other people here have attacked my ratio on mt upload threads, so I am trying to figure out a solution that will make them happy. I've said it before, if people would be happy if I suck on the same download teet for a week to improve my ratio I'll do that. PM me for my list still waiting to be seeded.
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