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Question trouble uploading list...

NOTE: i had originally asked this on etree's forum but i've gotten no response, therefor i thought i might ask here as TTD seems a bit more helpful in re: to tech on with the issue:

i finally put a list together of all my shows [word doc format]...rediscovered db.etree and thought i'd upload my list there...

i didn't think myself a newbie in re: to all this stuff, until i tried to upload the list!!! that ish confused the hell outta me...

can anyone tell me how to create a file to upload at their site, as i know alot of you have yers listed there...or is there another site which is easier...

here's an example of how i have my list setup [it was orig just for my records, which is why i did it this way]:

Aphex Twin ???-??-?? (Possibly ‘99 in Boston, MA) [1disc-shn]
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers 1959-11-23 Stockholm, Sweden [1disc-shn]
Average White Band 1994-06-17 The Wetlands, NYC [2disc-shn]
Bad Brains "Soul Music for Bad People" LIB BOOT 7” 1982 Cali (2 tracks) & 1985 NYC (1 track) [1disc-flac]
Bad Brains 1985-06-?? Live At Lupos, Providence, RI [1disc-flac]
Bardo Pond 1999-12-08 GO room 4, Carrboro, NC [1disc-flac]
Bardo Pond 1999-12-09 Metro Café, Washington DC [2disc-shn]
Bardo Pond 2002-10-18 Khyber, Philadelphia, PA (no other info) [1disc-cdr]

thanks for any help you can give me...

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